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Cooperation with Tianjin Highway Engineering Corporation


First Harbor Engineering Company of China Communications Construction Company (named as “CCCC-FHEC” for short) signed the framework agreement on strategic cooperation with Tianjin Highway Engineering Corporation on Sep. 12, 2017.

The agreement signing ceremony was attended by Tian Zhe – Deputy Chief of Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission, Guo Zijie – Board Chairman and Liu Jianmin – General Manager of Tianjin Highway Engineering Corporation, Mao Yuanping – Board Chairman, Wang Hongtao – General Manager, Jiang Song and You Guangjun Deputy General Managers of CCCC-FHEC.

Mao Yuanping addressed that CCCC-FHEC has been striving diligently for the economic and social progress of Tianjin, ranking the top of Tianjin construction companies for several consecutive years. CCCC-FHEC has successfully undertaken Dalian Bay Subsea Tunnel PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) Project and some other good-quality investment projects, demonstrating the firm and strong capacity for project investment and financing. He stressed that Tianjin Highway Engineering Corporation has rich experiences and already established a comprehensive system with respect to construction and maintenance of road and bridges, production of transportation facilities, fabrication of materials needed for road construction, emergency rescue, and other work in the field. More opportunities for cooperation can be further exploited with joint efforts.

Guo Zijie stated that the business of CCCC-FHEC covers a lot of areas, industries, and many countries. It has excellent performance in project organization and management, scientific & technological innovation, as well as business investment and operation. The signing of the agreement marks the beginning of a long-term strategic cooperation. Both sides will join hands to make more contributions to the development of transportation in Tianjin.

According to the Agreement, both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, and carry out more cooperation in highway building and infrastructure development, and conduct more exchanges concerning project investment, building, and operation as well as engineering technologies and personnel training in an all-round manner. (Zhao Li)